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Synthetic Sea

In the end it is YOU that makes the decision to shop green by using our reusable produce bag instead of paper or plastic...

Why Our Bags are Best

3 reasons our mesh produce bags are the best (and greenest!)

We evaluated several materials when designing our reusable produce bags. Polyester mesh is the most environmentally friendly option according to science.

Many uses for 3b bags

The many incredible uses for reusable mesh produce bags

Ideas for how to use your reusable produce bags around the house, traveling, and in the garden…

The ugly truth

The Ugly Truth

The average American uses between 300 - 500 plastic bags a year, for an average of 12 minutes, before throwing them out. That adds up to 100 - 150 BILLION…

Shop farmers markets

Why Reusable Produce bags?

Do you ever wonder why people go through the trouble of using reusable produce bags? I mean how bad can those little thin plastic bags really be, right? Well, when you add it all up this small change really can make a big difference. It’s these impacts that inspired us to make 3b bags in 2008.…

Shop farmers markets

Why our reusable produce bags are made in the USA

In 2018, we made the switch to 100% reusable produce bags Made in USA. We made the switch to add more value to our simple product with a big mission…

Shop farmers markets

Why Shop Farmer's Markets?

Instead of traveling an average of 1500 miles from the farm to your plate, local produce is harvested and delivered immediately. Spending less time in transport means...