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Reduce and reuse

Reduce and Reuse

Reduce and Reuse is catching on! Over 200 retail locations, across 40 U.S. states, are stocking our Reusable Produce Bags.

Media coverage and word-of-mouth drove our early sales. As our sales team picked up steam, they have been successful in getting 3BBags on the shelf in several national and regional grocery stores and household good stores.

Stores of all sizes - small to large, and kinds - gift shop to grocery chain, find our reusable produce bags to be multi-purpose and easy to sell!

Check out our Media page to see the buzz our Reusable Produce Bags have made

Founded in March of 2008, we have just begun our reduce and reuse journey. There is room to grow! 3B would like to speak with you about how our product can enhance your business.