Do you ever wonder why people go through the trouble of using reusable produce bags? I mean how bad can those little thin plastic bags really be, right? 

Well, when you add it all up this small change really can make a big difference. It’s these impacts that inspired us to make 3b bags in 2008. 

Grocery shopping made better for you and the environment

Reusable Produce Bags Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste

First and foremost, you will reduce single use plastic waste. Poeple use standard produce bags once and throw them away. This means more waste in landfills. They can take thousands of years to degrade

Because plastic produce bags are so lightweight, it’s easy for them to get blown away and wind up in the environment. Plastic bags wreak havoc on trees, bushes, rivers, and most tragically the ocean. Once in the ocean plastic bags can easily be broken down into microplastics that harm wildlife and ecosystems. Plastic bags are also some of the most common parts of urban blight in our cities and suburbs. 

Our reusable produce bags are made to last a lifetime. Because they’re strong and made from high-quality mesh, they last many years. Our reusable produce bags won’t tear like normal plastic bags. They can be washed when they get dirty. Reusable produce bags are sturdy enough to not blow away in the wind and wind up harming the environment. 

Reduce Oil and Gas Production

Every standard produce bag needs oil as it’s main ingredient.. The oil and gas needs to go through a super-heating and pressurization process, using even more energy. The shipping process also requires fossil fuel use to get from the factory to the grocery store. Every plastic bag that’s thrown away is taken on a truck to a landfill, using even more oil and gas. All this happens over and over as people use and throw away single-use plastic bags, because they can’t be effectively recycled.

Reusable produce bags put an end to this tragic cycle. Since 3b bags are made in the USA, you’re using a much less carbon intensive product than something made overseas. 

Reusable Produce Bags Improve Your Shopping Experience

Reusable produce bags improve your shopping experience as well. There’s no way for you to secure standard produce bags opening, so your produce can fall out and be damaged or ruined. 3b bags come with a strong drawstring closure that you can use to carry and secure your produce.

lightweight bags

Standard produce bags also aren’t very strong, so you end up using multiple bags to carry produce. With our reusable bags you can carry over 20 pounds of produce! This makes them perfect for a trip to the farmer’s market, especially our oversized bags

So when you reuse your 3b produce bags, you’re making a big difference with a small change. Reduce your waste, fossil fuel usage, environmental damage, and improve your shopping experience, all with 3b bags!