3 reasons our mesh produce bags material is the best (and greenest!)

3b reusable produce bags use polyester mesh because research shows that our material strikes the perfect balance. 

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Strong
  3. See-through

Our mesh produce bags are the most environmentally friendly option

We evaluated several materials when designing our reusable produce bags. Polyester mesh is the most environmentally friendly option according to science. 

According to a 2018 study from The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark Environmental Protection Agency, a polyester mesh bag is the best option for reusing. Polyester mesh bags only need to be reused two times to provide the same environmental performance of the average plastic bag reused as a waste bin bag before incineration. 

One extremely scary statistic from this same study shows how bags made from organic cotton are not good for the environment. It would take you 149 reuses of a cotton bag for it to become environmentally equivalent to a single-use plastic bag! That’s because so much energy goes into making cotton. Cotton seems “natural” so most people believe it’s environmentally friendly, when in fact it is not!

So the choice is clear, polyester mesh is the more environmentally friendly way to go. 

Our bags are strong

Let’s examine some of the other benefits of our polyester mesh fabric material. Our mesh produce bags are designed to be used and reused again and again. You can potentially even make them last a lifetime! Our bags are guaranteed to last or we buy them back from you, in fact. The more you reuse the bag, the more environmentally friendly it becomes! This is why it’s also important to buy American Made high-quality bags. Cheap bags made overseas are prone to tearing and disintegrating in a shorter period of time. 3b bags reusable produce bags are see through lightweight mesh of the highest quality

3b mesh produce bags are made strong so you can carry a lot of produce with them. Standard produce bags are flimsy, so you need to use a lot of them. Our strong polyester mesh produce bags can carry at least double the weight of a standard produce bag. 3b bags’ oversized bags can carry even more! 

Our bags are see-through

Cashiers and shoppers across the country love our see-through mesh produce bags! Other bags that aren’t see through make checkout a hassle. With our mesh produce bags, cashiers can see and scan the labels on your produce. So nobody needs to touch or handle your produce after you put it in the bags, making for a clean and safe shopping experience. 

oversized reusable produce bags

Any downsides? 

Mesh bags are not meant to prolong the storage of produce. Some fruits or veggies will last longer in breathable environments, some will last longer in enclosed environments. Also, polyester is of course a product that comes from oil, which is an unfortunate tradeoff we have to make. Like we said, science still says polyester is the most friendly to the climate (until something better comes along!)